Concert Music    
String Quartet (2010/2014) for string quartet
Dur. 11'30"
Shadow Etudes (2013) for clarinet and viola
Dur. 10'
for symphonic winds
4[1.2.3.pic] 4[1.2.3.eh] 7[7/bcl] 3[1.2.cbn] - 4 3 3 2
Dur. ca. 12'
Descent (2008) for electric guitar solo
Dur. ca. 11'
Day's Counterlight (2007) for mezzo-soprano and ensemble (cl., vn, va, vc, pno) 
Dur. 15'
Repexus (2007) for 12 saxophones
3 soprano, 3 alto, 3 tenor, 2 baritone and bass saxophones
Dur. 10'30"
Silent Sister (2007) for percussion solo
vibraphone, 6 temple bowls, 2 indian bells, 2 dinner bells, 2 triangles
Dur. 10'
Partita for Solo 'Cello (2007) for solo violoncello
Dur. 9'
Arcuare (2007) for orchestra
3[1.2.pic] 3[1.2.eh] 3[1.2.Bcl] 3[1.2.cbn] - 4331 - timp / 4[see score for percussion list] - pf/cel - hp - strings
Dur. 12'30"
Bacchae Fragments (2006) for 12 percussionists
Dur. 9"
(see score for complete instrumentation)
Dosillos y Humeros (2005) for solo percussion
Dur. 13'
(see score for complete set-up)
Trio for Flute, Viola, and 'Cello (2005) "Dust Shelter"
Dur. 23'
Cold Pastoral (2004) for percussion quartet
crot, vib, sus.cym, siz.cym, hi-hats, sd, temp blk, tam-tam 
Dur. 9'
Compassinges (2003) for solo percussion and electronics
vib, mar, tape
Dur. 8'
Closing Time (2002/2004) for Alto Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Percussion, and Pian
Dur. 13'
Dem Herbste Gleich (like autumn) (2001/2003) for orchestra
3[1.2.3/pic] 3[1.2.eh] 2 2 - 4221 - timp / 2[glock., xyl, chimes, tgl, cym, sus.cym, tam-tam, bd] - hp -strings
Dur. 13'
Motet: tota pulchra es (2000) for soprano and ensemble
fl, cl, perc, pno, vn, vc
Dur. 8'
Variations (2000) for chamber orchestra
1[/a.fl] 1[/eh] 2[1.bcl] 1 - 111 - timp / 2[3 sus.cym, 2 tam-tams, sd, 2 tom-toms, bd (ped), bd, chimes, glock, vib, mar, 4 gongs] - pf - hp - str [2221]
Dur. 18'
Sonata: "une verrerie éphémère" (1999) for flute, viola, and harp (1998, rev.1999) 
Dur. 14'
Sonatina for Solo Violin (1998) dur. 9'
premiered in its original form by Colin Jacobsen in Paul Hall on March 24, 1998. A revised version was premiered by Harumi Rhodes at her Juilliard recital in the spring of 2002, and she subsequently performed it at a concert with her quartet, The Milton Quartet (a.k.a. The Sherry Quartet) in the seriesNew Music on North Sixth at Galapagos on November 5, 2002.This performance was reviewed by Strings magazine: "The Evening's dark horse was Ryan Streber's Sonata for Violin Solo [ sic. ], an elegant and tightly crafted piece by a gifted young composer..."
Stage and Film    
Bacchae (2006) A score for a production of Euripides' tragedy performed in ancient Greek by the Columbia University Classics department and directed by Elisabeth Sacks. The production was premiered on April 14, 2006 at the Minor Latham Playhouse, Barnard College in New York. With the exception of a single scene, the entire play was set to music, with some of the choral odes setting the text itself to the music. The whole score was pre-recorded and composed with electronic instruments and samples with the exception of the viola parts played by Nadia Sirota and various percussion and plucked instruments performed by me. Cick on the links below to hear the score .
scenes 1-2
scene 3
scenes 4-5
scenes 6-7
scenes 9-10
scene 12
scenes 13-15

Call it Fiction (2006) A short film written and directed by Alex Rose and starring Ron Silver and JoBeth Williams. This film was screened at the Newport Film Festival and will be realeased on DVD soon.  
Naropa (1999) for flute, viola, harp, and 2 percussionists was composed for Cameron Baity’s stop-motion short film. The film has been screened at The Academy of Arts and Television Sciences in Los Angeles and in many other cities in the US, Europe, and South America. The score was performed by Andrew Day (flute), Aaron Boyd(viola), Bridget Kibbey (harp), Sam Solomon and Eric Poland (percussion). Licensed by ASCAP.
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